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Iced coffee: a breath of fresh air from Salento

Iced coffee is a cold drink made of coffee whose preparation is, in Italy, typical of Salento. It comes from Spain and it established itself in Salento already in the early Seventeenth Century: it derives from the "Café del Tiempo", a typical Valencian coffee, where even today it is served with a slice of lemon. In the early Nineteenth Century also in Otranto hot coffee was served either with a peel of lime or with mint and pieces of ice.

You can prepare it by starting from a normal espresso coffee, which should be sweetened ad lib in a cup. The sweetened coffee is poured while still very hot in a glass full of big ice cubes just removed from the refrigerator (to avoid watering the coffee down). In this way the coffee cools instantly and retains its original flavor. The drink must be consumed immediately.

Stefano Urso - wrote at 11:51

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