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Meseta Capsules System, the espresso coffee in capsules for the Vending sector

Meseta coffee presents Meseta Capsules System, the Vending system with coffee capsules in patented format, for an excellent espresso coffee.

The closed Meseta Capsules System not only makes an excellent espresso coffee, but also guarantees the Vending operator:

– Maximum confidence in client management
– Excellent profitability
– Guaranteed blends from the Co.ind group
– An exclusive blue coffee machine, specially for the Vending market, with a unique, distinctive design
– Entirely Italian-made product
– Patented system
 The taste and aroma of the coffee blends contained in the MCS capsules are guaranteed by a series of specific quality controls conducted throughout each and every phase of the production process.  Meseta, in fact, is a trademark of the Co.ind group, today known as one of the leading Italian roasting companies with over 6,500 tons of coffee roasted every year.

The Meseta Capsules System blends available are:

Espresso:  a blend of great character and roundness, achieved thanks to the expert combination of Arabica from the Brazilian plateaus and fine Robusta from India, Africa and the Far East.
Decaffeinated: an excellent decaffeinated coffee which, thanks to our skilful roasting methods, has all of the aroma and taste of a classic coffee.
Lungo 100% Arabica: a blend of rare Arabica beans. The special roast enhances the subtle flavour and mild aroma without compromising the body of this typically Italian coffee.

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