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Coind is driven by an overriding passion for everything to do with coffee… and by satisfying its many Private Label clients. This passion was nurtured by its founders and formed the foundations for the creation of Coop Industria (Coind) in long-ago 1961 in Castel Maggiore. Today it makes the group one of Italy’s top coffee roasting firms, with 7,000 tons of raw coffee beans toasted.

Its decision, in those years, to focus on manufacturing Private Label products for various distributors turned out to be far-sighted and successful: Coind has built its success on this clear idea, now serving some seven million families per year with quality coffee that it produces for other companies’ coffee brands.

Distributors who wish to sell coffee products bearing their own Private Label names and logos know that Coind will provide them with unique and qualitatively balanced blends that will allow them to sell a product that is competitive, safe, constant and reliable over time.

The Group’s products cover all private label roasted coffee business areas, offering customised blends featuring exclusive composition and specific roasting for each Client, enhancing the natural properties of the coffee varieties desired.

What most distinguishes Coind’s roasted coffee is its exceptional and totally reliable quality, achieved thanks to a meticulous selection of the best coffee beans, and its extremely refined productive processes, electronically controlled in every phase.

For over fifty years now, Coind endows its products with a delicate balance between culture, knowledge, quality, experience and specialist passion… the secret for creating a perfect espresso coffee.

Private Label Coffee

In Italy, the Coind Group is a key point of reference for distributors who desire to sell coffee under their own brand name. Coind not only offers various types of coffee, differing in origin and blending, but also various coffee formats to satisfy various Client requirements.

The range of products that the company produces and markets includes:

  • Compatible Coffee Capsules
  • ESE Coffee Pods
  • Coffee Beans
  • Ground Coffee

Each blend can be completely personalised by the Client company, which can request specific parameters according to their taste targets.

Each of these blends is scrupulously selected by a Coind panel of experts at plantations in the countries of origin, so that only the best green coffee beans are brought to Italy. These are then subjected to further analysis and laboratory testing, to be sure that only the best beans become coffee.

Coind also responds to specific indications concerning the Client company’s packaging needs, so that the finished packs bear its brand names and preferred visual designs. Coind’s years of experience in coffee production in general, and in Private Label formulas in particular, mean that the Group’s activities are extremely prolific, varied and in demand.

Coind has the distinction of also offering a line dedicated to Organic coffee, which is produced and marketed in accordance with the ethical and qualitative standards of Fairtrade. This allows the Group to operate while fully respecting the dignity of producers and workers in the field, ensuring them a just and fair price for their work.

Production of Private Label compatible coffee capsules

Coffee capsules have become a global trend. Although a relatively recent phenomenon, it’s a highly prolific sector: every year around 10 billion capsules are sold worldwide, a volume that tries to cope with rising demand. In a situation like this, the only way to stand out from the competition is to produce a truly premium quality product: Coind’s top quality raw products and high-level production processes combine to make it a sector leader.

The Group produces and markets capsules on various fronts:

  • For private label distributors, visit this website for information: Private Label Coffee Capsules
  • Iits own brands (Meseta, Carracci and Attibassi) can be found on the Vending Italia channel, Retail and abroad;
  • Own brands Meseta and Carracci only, on Amazon and through e-commerce on CapsuleHouse, in various formats (capsules, pods, coffee beans and ground coffee).


Types of private label compatible capsules

In producing private label coffee capsules, Coind deals mostly with capsules compatible with the most popular formats:

  • Nespresso*, self-protected or not
  • Nescafé Dolce Gusto*
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio*
  • Lavazza Blue*
  • Lavazza Espresso Point*
  • Caffitaly*
  • Espresso Tuo

Sensitivity towards environmental sustainability themes has inspired the Group to develop a compostable capsule format. Among other advantages, this meets the growing global desire for environmental sustainability: unlike the most common capsules, which contain plastic and aluminium, these can safely be disposed as wet or organic waste without having to eliminate the coffee grounds.


Capsule filling and packaging process

The meticulous care that culminates in the encapsulation process starts with the selection of the raw coffee beans in the producing countries, chosen from the best Arabica and Robusta varieties.

Distributors can decide the proportions of each ingredient to be included in their own blend, depending on taste preferences.

The selected blend is then roasted and ground and finally inserted in the small single-dose plastic, aluminium or compostable capsules. Once the ground blend has been inserted, the capsules are sealed in a protective atmosphere, in order to preserve their quality over time. The capsules maintain the coffee’s full flavour for two years after processing.

Next comes the packaging phase, where the private label company chooses the graphics and formats it desires. Coind offers various personalisable packaging formats: with capsules individually packaged in a cardboard box or case, or loose inside a bag.


Coffee in capsules: Coind’s proprietary system

Private label production is certainly an important activity for the Group, but alongside this the company’s experience has allowed it to develop one proprietary system for capsule coffee: EspressoTuo.



EspressoTuo is a line of capsules specially designed to work with certain espresso coffee machines, producing a full-bodied and creamy home-brewed espresso. 7 grams of coffee per capsule, that release all their aroma from every cup of coffee they produce.

The exclusive EspressoTuo capsule format facilitates the separation of its various components, making separate waste sorting much easier. For foreign markets, EspressoTuo capsules are available in the Meseta brand.

In Italy, EspressoTuo is distributed by the Coop Supermarket chain which, through its Fior Fiore premium brand, has an exclusive on selling this capsule line.

Production of Private Label ESE Coffee Pods

Alongside the compatible capsules, Coind produces private label ESE Coffee Pods: probably the most common and widespread type of portioned coffee format.

ESE pods (short for Easy Serving Espresso) are made with premium quality Coind branded ground coffee: every cup brimming with freshness and aroma.

In these pods, roasted and ground coffee is dosed and pressed between two 44mm layers of filter-paper: 7 grams of superb Coind coffee go into every one of these pods.


Coind’s ESE pods are individually packed in a protective atmosphere and hermetically sealed: this makes it possible to preserve all the aroma of an excellent espresso over time, and above all to obtain a consistent cream, the right colour and the best possible flavour in every cup that’s filled.

As with its capsules, Coind private label pods too can be personalised in various respects: the client company can make its own choices regarding the coffee blends that most appeal to it, choosing from a wide range of options, including blends featuring organically grown and fair trade coffee bean varieties.

The pack can also be customised: the hermetic aluminium sealed sachet can display the private label brand. Outer packaging can be in small boxes with16 coffee pods or a cardboard box with 100 loose pods.

Coind produces ESE format coffee pods with its own Meseta and Attibassi brands. It also offers a decaffeinated version, banded as Gran Deca.

Private Label Coffee Beans

The coffee bean products offered by Coind to private label distributors all conform with the highest possible quality standards.

Coffee beans make an ideal format for consumers who want coffee in its original toasted form, preferring the pleasure of grinding them at home just before making coffee with them. More than any other format, coffee beans preserve all the properties of freshly roasted coffee intact over long periods.

Coind’s coffee bean blends are the result of the selection of the best raw coffee varieties, carried out directly in the countries of origin by highly specialised technicians, to verify their compliance with predetermined standards.

Subsequently, on arrival in Italy, tasting tests and in-depth chemical and physical laboratory analyses are carried out, to ensure that the tastes will comply with the client company’s specifications. Each coffee variety is roasted separately and follows precise computerised roasting curves, selected by the private label distributor, in order to enhance its specific characteristics.

The next step is a skilfully performed blending process, and finally, the coffee packed in the client’s packaging is left to rest in the warehouse until it reaches the right maturity. Every Coind blend follows an exclusive recipe, developed to produce the unique taste of each private label product created in the Group’s roasting facilities.

Apart from being sold to private label distributors, Coind coffee beans are also sold in brands owned by Coind (Meseta, Carracci and Attibassi), via the Horeca and Vending channels. Meseta and Carracci are also sold directly to the final consumer, via the Capsule House e-commerce channel.

Production of Private Label Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee is the fourth basic Coind coffee format: it offers another outstanding solution for distributors who wish to sell premium quality coffee under their own brand. The fragrance and the perfume of an excellent ground coffee must always make you think of a blend ground freshly just a moment ago: in this respect, Coind is unbeatable.

Actually, Coind has a double commitment to ground coffee: it is hugely significant both as a vacuum-packed ready-to-make coffee format and as the meaningful ingredient of countless coffee pods and capsules.

Ground coffee production

After their skillfully performed roasting process, personalised according to private label indications, the coffee beans are subjected to a series of quality checks. Then comes the grinding process, performed by latest generation rollers.

The perfect degree of crushing is ensured by a laser granulometer: this technological refinement makes it possible to precisely calibrate the grind to fit client requests and intended usage.

Controlling the grinding parameters is crucial to achieving the desired performance of ground coffee: too fine or too coarse a grinding may well lead to a coffee with a burnt flavour, in the first case, and a lack of intensity and aromatic undertones in the second case.

Laser control is a key tool for ensuring the precise consistency needed to obtain the best espresso.

The next vital step in producing ground coffee is its instant packaging and sealing after grinding… in order to prevent it from losing its scent. The maturation of the coffee is then concluded directly inside the packs, stored in a warehouse: a caring measure that gently enables the ground coffee to develop all its goodness.

Private Label Ground Coffee

Coind’s ground coffee blends are used for the production of coffee capsules compatible with main market brands such as Nespresso*, Nescafé Dolce Gusto*, Lavazza A Modo Mio*, Lavazza Blue*, Lavazza Espresso Point*, Caffitaly*, EspressoTuo, but also for producing various biodegradable capsule formats.

Ground coffee is also produced for the company’s proprietary brands, Meseta, Carracci and Attibassi, sold in supermarket channels. The Meseta and Carracci brands are also sold on the Capsule House e-commerce channel.

*Nespresso, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Blue, Lavazza Espresso Point, Caffitaly, are third party brands not related to Coind. They are mentioned solely in order to identify the kinds of coffee machines which can use capsules made by Coind.