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The coffee capsule sector is a comparatively recent development that continues to grow incredibly quickly.

Currently, it is estimated that worldwide over 10 billion capsules are sold per annum, equivalent to roughly one and a half cups of coffee for every person on the planet. The ever-growing numbers involved make for dizzying reading… but it takes great skill and experience to provide high quality products for such high quantity sales.

Our compatible capsules are made to work with Nespresso*, Lavazza* and the other main systems

For those who desire to sell a product with their own brand, Coind can create a series of compatible capsules that work with the Nespresso*, Nescafé Dolce Gusto*, Lavazza A Modo Mio*, Lavazza Blue*, Lavazza Espresso Point*, Caffitaly* and Espresso Tuo formats. It can also produce compostable capsules, completely eco-sustainable and disposable directly as organic waste during differentiated waste sorting. This means that – compared to traditional capsules in plastic and aluminium – the compostable capsule completely resolves the end-user’s waste disposal problems, since they no longer need to be cleaned or emptied of coffee grounds before disposal.

Biodegradable capsules, in other words, offer the same practicality and simplicity of disposal as coffee pods, but at the same time they come with elegantly designed coffee machines: this often increases their appeal for consumers interested not only in having an efficient coffee machine in their homes but also in possessing an elegant object that will bring prestige to any modern kitchen.

The facility of direct disposal as organic waste may seem a minor matter, but the volumes concerned are such that thousands of tons of landfill waste can be avoided. Coind is convinced of the need to develop projects favouring environmental sustainability, and has acquired extensive skills and experience in the production of this kind of capsule through its partnership with the Coop supermarket chain, with whom it created the Tintoretto coffee capsule for the Coop’s FiorFiore, collection… its line of top quality gourmet products.

Coffee production and capsule packing

Coffee’s journey, from the plant to its grinding

The story of the production of compatible capsules begins with coffee beans. To successfully carry out its private label projects, Coind draws on its skills in selecting and in roasting the finest qualities of Arabica and Robusta beans, thus creating unique blends, ranging from the most intense to the most delicate, and storing them inside the capsules. This blending of various different kinds of coffee bean produces various kinds of taste tones and moods, where every blend is composed in order to achieve specific final flavours. If the intention is to create a smoothly harmonic taste with a hint of bitterness, then Arabic beans will predominate, while if the desire is to produce a bolder and more full-bodied intensity, then certain kinds of Robusta will be selected to dominate the proportions of the blend.

The distinction between this two tastes is the key to everything. Knowing how to determine and achieve subtle flavour-shifts in coffee blends is the key to offering a top quality product to the final consumer.

Once the desired blend of coffee beans has been defined, the next vital step consists of roasting them, which endows the beans with the classic intense brown colour we all associate with coffee. The roasting is a delicate phase, where the coffee must be treated with great care, in order not to compromise the successive grinding process which produces the fine ground coffee that is then inserted inside the capsules. The ground coffee blend is meticulously controlled by a laser granulometer, a specially designed instrument that verifies whether the granulated coffee has the right degree of fineness to enable all its flavours to be extracted from the capsule by the hot water from the coffee machine.


Capsule coffee production, and personalised packaging

And so we reach the actual moment of encapsulation. The blend selected by the client is inserted in small single-dose containers in plastic, aluminium or compostable bioplastic, and then sealed in a protective atmosphere through the use of inert, odourless and tasteless gases such as nitrogen. This enables the coffee to keep its aroma unaltered and its perfume intact for a very long time, usually up to 2 years from processing. Aroma and perfume are only released at the moment the coffee finally enters the cup, thus guaranteeing a creamy espresso, as assertive and strong as bar-served coffee, but in the comfort of one’s own home.

Once the encapsulation is completed, the next step involves suitable packaging. Coind can create personalised packaging for any customer who wishes to produce private-label compatible coffee capsules suitable for use with the major systems on the market, so that the impact of each brand is not only due to the coffee blend, but also to the product’s image.

The capsules can be individually packaged in cardboard or cases. Another viable solution is the bag of loose capsules, ready to be distributed directly through major supermarket chains.

Coind always offers the certainty of a top quality product whose perfect condition is constantly reliable over time, as constant as the amazingly velvety and persistent cream entering the cup.

For further information on the production of private label compatible coffee capsules, visit the website Private Label Coffee Capsules.

Coind proprietary system for encapsulated coffee

In addition to manufacturing for third parties, Coind has developed one proprietary capsule coffee system conceived for specific sales sectors.



EspressoTuo capsules have been designed together with their relative espresso coffee machine, in pursuit of a simple goal: to produce the best Italian espresso coffee for home consumption.

Each EspressoTuo single-dose capsule contains up to 7 grammes of coffee, roasted and ground to obtain a creamy, full-bodied espresso with a full aroma. In addition, the unique peelable cover makes it easy to separate coffee and plastic after use, making it easier to sort waste involving the capsule’s various parts (plastic, coffee and aluminium).

Thanks to the features that make it so suitable for the retail market, various important European chains have already chosen EspressoPro technology to distribute an own brand portioned system.

In Italy, Coind. has reached an agreement with the Coop chain for exclusive distribution of EspressoTuo capsules in Coop supermarkets: the capsules are marketed under the brand name FiorFiore, the Coop’s special high quality line. EspressoTuo capsules are also available for foreign markets under the Meseta brand, the Coind Group brand associated with the highest quality coffees. For further information and details, do come and visit the Espresso Tuo website.

*Nespresso, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Blue, Lavazza Espresso Point, Caffitaly, are third party brands not related to Coind. They are mentioned solely in order to identify the kinds of coffee machines which can use capsules made by Coind.