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Co.ind and the “Green Coffee Day”

Co.ind is today recognized as one of the most important Italian roasting companies with six thousand tons of green coffee roasted every year and five millions of Italian families served supplying the most important companies of distribution, catering and food industry.   In this way the 23rd of September 2009 Co.ind has organized the “Green Coffee Day”: an appointment for its coffee brokers in order to show them the new purchasing office and the brand new green coffee tower system. The meeting will take place into the Castel Maggiore plant: the day will be based on a tour into Co.ind Quality department and into the new green coffee system. The new tower, that’s 26 meters high, now controls the whole green coffee (normal, decaffeinated and organic) procedures: receiving, stocking, cleaning, blending. Thanks to this new tower system Co.ind has obtained many advantages like a better efficiency in cleaning the green coffee: this plus is reflected on the whole process (roasting, grinding and packaging) permitting to have a better final product and so a better quality into the coffee cup.  The “Green Coffee Day” is planned sharing ideas on coffee market analysis and convivial moments. All day long will be based on Co.ind mission and values: the passion for coffee.