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The choice to present this Sustainability Report testifies to the Coind Group’s desire to make sustainability a fundamental element of its business model, aimed at strengthening the sense of responsibility towards our partners, workers and the countries in which we operate.

As a company, we interact with a variety of stakeholders, guaranteeing their satisfaction and protecting their interests while simultaneously seeking to create positive social impact within the country.

In this document, we wanted to report on the Group’s commitment to sustainable development policies, which involves the realization of the full potential of our partners and employees, the development of initiatives aimed at training and strengthening corporate culture, and the commitment to ensuring the protection of workers’, consumers’ and environmental rights.

Our business strategy is aligned with this sustainability plan, which is enriched with new measures every year, focusing on continuous improvement in various areas: from obtaining important certifications for new products and recyclable packaging, to the efficiency of the entire production cycle supported by energy efficiency and the reduction of harmful emissions, and the optimization of waste recycling management.

The objective for the coming years is to consolidate the results achieved so far, in order to continue to grow and sustainably govern the future challenges of the markets, with the aim of achieving business objectives that are increasingly sensitive to social and environmental issues.