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Coind can boast a whole range of quality certificates that demonstrate the care and experience that goes into its production of Capsule Coffee, ESE Coffee Pods, Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee, and also pervades all its other product lines and services. These prestigious results have been achieved thanks to Coind’s integrated quality and food safety management system, which has led to us obtaining the following certificates:

ISO 9001 – Quality management systems

The standard specifies the requirements of a management system that ensures customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

ISO 22000 – Food safety management systems

The standard specifies the requirements necessary for the implementation of an effective food safety management system.

ISO 45001 – Management system for the health and safety of workers

The standard attests to the voluntary application of a system that promotes the improvement of worker health and safety conditions in workplaces.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

The standard certifies the voluntary application of an adequate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control, and systematically seeks the improvement in a coherent, effective and over all sustainable way.

BRC – British Retail Consortium

A specific global standard for the safety of agri-food products aimed at ensuring the quality and safety of products offered to consumers by suppliers and retailers.

IFS – International Food Standard

This standard requires suppliers in the supply chain to comply with certain hygiene standards and good practices in production processes, valid to guarantee a good level of safety and quality.


Kosher Certification

Certification that ensures that the products offered to the consumer are suitable and comply with Kosher nutrition standards linked to Jewish tradition.

Halal Certification

Certification that attests that the products offered (including packaging certification) comply with the dictates of the Islamic religion.

IEI – Istituto Espresso Italiano

To be sure of satisfying customers’ requests, and to guarantee a product that is able to satisfy the consumer’s senses, certain Coind blends have been certified by IEI, the Italian Espresso Institute. Since 1998, IEI has certified espresso quality through meticulous sensorial verification.
Its standards insist on:
  • Use of a qualified blend
  • Use of qualified equipment (grinder-dosers and machines)
  • Use of trained and qualified personnel
The entire control of the supply chain that leads to the coffee cup makes it possible for the customer to taste a coffee that satisfies the expectations expressed in thousands of tests that the Italian Espresso Institute, in collaboration with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, have organized and still organizes in Italy and abroad.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ are Non-Governmental Organisations that in January 2018 joined forces under the name Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance works to create a better future for people and nature, to tackle environmental and social issues around the world, including climate change, deforestation, poverty, and unsustainable farming.
The first one was founded in New York in 1987, while the second one in 2002 in the Netherlands.
On 9th January 2018, they agreed to unite to more effectively address threats such as deforestation, climate change and social inequality. The new organization has decided to call itself Rainforest Alliance to demonstrate continuity with the strong public domain name.
The new standard aims to enable producers to better deal with climate change and its consequences, as well as to produce in a more sustainable way. In addition to the farmers, the climatic risks are assessed and new cultivation methods are introduced. In this context, the deforestation of rainforests and the destruction of natural ecosystems such as peat bogs and wetlands are not allowed.
The organization aims to ensure a subsistence income for coffee farmers, as well as guaranteeing a basic minimum wage for workers. In addition, the Rainforest Alliance educates farmers and makes them of human rights issues. Child labour is prevented by improving people’s income and conditions, for example by building schools.

Certification of organic products

This certification ensures that purchased products are obtained in compliance with European regulations on organic farming. European legislation requires all farms in the supply chain to be subject to the control system, from agricultural production up to marketing.


Fairtrade is an international organization that strives to improve the conditions of small agricultural producers in developing countries. It has defined standards that enable farmers and workers to rely on a more stable income and confidently look to their future.
Fairtrade certification guarantees producers a minimum price, which is the price farmers receive for their products, which never falls below the market price and is not dependent on market speculation. It is calculated by Fairtrade together with the agricultural producers themselves in order to cover the costs necessary for sustainable production.
However, if the market price is higher than the minimum price, farmers are paid the market price. Farmers also receive a Fairtrade premium which farmers and workers themselves decide how to spend. They can choose to improve production techniques, build roads and infrastructure, or spend it on education, training or social services.

Material compostability certification

The CIC Compostable marking has been developed by the CIC in collaboration with Certiquality and meets the requirements of the standard UNI EN 13432, which is an Italian technical standard harmonised with European standards defining packaging requirements necessary in order to be recoverable by composting process in industrial plants.

TUV Austria – Industrial Compost

In order to obtain OK COMPOST certification from TÜV Austria, the product must meet the requirements of EN 13432 and undergo thorough laboratory analysis.

FSC – Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC® logo on the packaging used by Coind for its coffee, assures that the raw material of which it is made of comes from a supply chain that supports responsible forest management, in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic requirements. The packaging is in fact FSC certified and this certification is the most credible solution at an international level for forest management, whichis able to have positive impacts for forests and people. By choosing FSC-certified paper supplies, Coind is committed to taking care of the forests for all, forever, so that they continue to be a resource for current and future generations.