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It’s not always possible to invite clients or consumers to physically visit our company, on account of safety and production issues… but Coind has posted some short videos in order to show everyone a “typical day” in the life of a product passing through our quality supply chain. From the selection of raw coffee beans, through each phase of the production process and ending with product packaging, the company wishes to show you – as transparently as possible – the steps that lead to the creation of products appreciated and desired by millions of consumers.

Coind is an important industrial group that, thanks to its plants in Castelmaggiore (Bologna Province) and Noale (Veneto) has a turnover of 78 million euros, and brings coffee to the tables of 7 million consumers in Italy.

But there’s much more to Coind than coffee. The Group actually also specialises in the production of private label products for the drinks sector, but also for the cosmetics and sanitation sectors, plus frozen food and high quality preserves.

During its more than 60 years of history, the skills and production capacities of the original cooperative have been refined and increased, developing knowledge and acquiring abilities that are widely appreciated and profitable, in Italy and on international markets. Since 1961, the year of its foundation, Coind has dealt with many expert suppliers, developed internal know-how and added machinery and highly specialised personnel to their assets, so as to convincingly assert itself as a top private label producer.

As the company’s experience grew, it mastered the secrets and dynamics specific to the fields in which it operates. Thanks to our ever-improving chemical and physical analyses of coffee beans, we have learned to immediately identify which are the best Arabica varieties, traditionally more harmonious, and the best Robusta types, generally with a denser and stronger flavour.

After being harvested, the raw coffee beans are carefully analysed before being roasted. This analysis marks the beginning of the Coind product process, as each batch of beans is classified according to its sensorial features. This preselection leads to decisions about which varieties will be mixed to achieve the specific aroma sought by the client company, and in what proportions. The subsequent roasting process is preceded by a careful sifting and sorting within each bean batch. Unripe or damaged beans or scraps of gravel or wood are removed and then… during the roasting process, constant monitoring is extremely important. This monitoring makes it possible to achieve ultra-precise toasting curves, which endow nuances of flavour that clearly distinguish one blend from another, and satisfy different demanding palates.

Learning to master all aspects of production has enabled us to achieve an astonishing feat: to be required to toast over 12 million tons of raw coffee beans every year, and to do so impeccably. That’s a massive amount. If you consider the couple of grammes of weight of each individual bean, you’re talking about a colossal mountain of raw green coffee.

This result, in any case, has helped us to assert ourselves as a top reference company in the retail, vending and Horeca sectors. Every day we supply nearly a thousand bars with coffee, as well as countless restaurants and hotels. And there are numerous companies that rely on Coind’s proprietary systems to allow their employees a relaxing break with a quality coffee.

In the retail sector, where our presence is just as strong, however, not many people know us by name. This is understandable: we are a company specialising in the production of private label coffee and beverages for third parties, and we mainly serve companies that decide to start own brand production. The list of companies that have relied on Coind includes industry leaders such as:

  • Coop
  • Conad
  • Camst
  • CIRfood

These Groups and companies are extremely well-known and rooted in the Italian retailing system, but we also serve giants in the international food & beverage sector, like Dunkin Donuts, Carrefour Argentina, Kroeger USA.

Thanks to this wide range of partner companies, we have developed know-how and production processes that have then been integrated with our speciality: managing complete product lines for private label clients.

What does this mean exactly? And why is it our strength?

Collaborating on an entire line means being able to follow the customer from the beginning to the end of the production process: from when the product is still a sketch on paper, to when it is placed on the shelves of the supermarket.

Along this path we offer an extremely high service level, guaranteeing the client the application of our quality standards, certified by major global organizations such as ISO, BRC, IFS and others. We can also turn to our client’s advantage the savings we have through agreements with printers and factories close to us carrying out some aspects of the production process: a major advantage in ensuring an excellent ratio between the price and quality of the service we provide.

Being specialised in producing for different consumer goods sectors has put us in contact with various experienced and efficient partners, with whom we also collaborate when creating our own brands: Meseta, Attibassi and Caffè Carracci.

We were one of the first Italian companies to grasp the potential of this type of production, and even today – when this business model has spread and gained notoriety – we remain proud spokesmen and passionate exponents facing the challenge that the future offers us: to also establish ourselves as leader in private label production on foreign markets. Actually, we are convinced that offering quality products to foreign companies will enrich us even more, widening our wealth of experience and know-how with values ​​that we can then pass on to the products we already follow, to achieve even better results.

Working closely with foreign countries allows us to explore new horizons, discover innovative or different techniques and methods, all useful things for our overall vision. It helps us analyse our production processes in general, and allows us to taste different blends and combinations of coffee varieties, thus offering further possibilities to clients embarking on their journey in the world of coffee… and, naturally, also offering new spin-off options and advantages to clients we’ve been accompanying for many years.

These historical clients too contribute to our experience, in a continuing reciprocal renewal. Their passion for these little green beans helps us to learn and grow alongside them, stimulating us always to perfect our offer and its attractions, and to respond to the increasingly strict standards that clients and consumers demand. We relish fresh challenges: every new obstacle or goal inspires us to do our best to achieve more ambitious feats and higher levels.

In this website, we have gathered and described our knowledge and experience: to express the values that have helped us get to where we are today and that spur us to do even better – also by riding the digital wave – in our mission for bringing great espressos to people’s homes.