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Coind is active in various production sectors, and above all in producing coffee blends, sold as coffee beans or as ground coffee or inserted (ground) in capsules or pods, either in private label formulas or for its own brands. In addition, the company makes and packs products dedicated to cleaning and sanitising contexts; solutions relating to the toiletries and cosmetics sector; and frozen foods, preserves and beverages.

Each production process is developed and monitored keeping in mind that the goal is to reach the highest possible quality, so as to offer a product that will make an outstanding impact on the market. This means also paying attention to safety and complying with the strictest controls. Quality, above all, must remain constant over time for all lines and processes employed, and for all the services provided. These principles are essential, and are applied both when producing for our own proprietary brands and when creating projects for the private label coffee sector, and also for the third party cosmetics sector.

However, all these values would be emptied of their meaning if they were not backed up by respect for the environment, the protection and guarantee of workers’ rights and the fight against disparities, and in general favouring the emergence of a fair trade economy based on solidarity. These are the principles that drive Coind. Thanks to the company’s know-how and its ISO and Fairtrade certifications, it offers its customers a product that is not only extremely successful, but also ethical and fair.

Private Label Coffee Production

Coind is the reference company for those who intend to commission and sell proprietary brand coffee.

Our line of solutions conceived and dedicated to this sector is extremely varied, covering different production and marketing needs, mainly consisting of:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Ground Coffee
  • ESE Coffee Pods
  • Coffee Capsules

Each blend is obtained from a selection of the finest and best-performing Arabica and Robusta plantations, personalising the product to make it fit the needs and requirements of the client company, which thus obtains a result totally in line with the quality standards demanded by the market.

At every stage, from roasting, through processing and packaging, the Coind product satisfies the needs and indications of the commissioning distributor, providing premium coffee products that stand out for their taste and performance in the cup and on the palate.

In addition to traditional plastic and aluminium capsules, the group also has the necessary know-how to produce private label biodegradable coffee capsules… based on the experience acquired creating the Tintoretto capsules for the Coop FiorFiore line, the Coop supermarket’s special section dedicated to high profile gourmet products. These capsules, due the materials from which they are made, can correctly be disposed as humid organic waste, together with the coffee grounds they contain, posing no recycling problems and indeed enacting the values ​​of environmental sustainability and ecology in which Coind so firmly believes.

For more information on the private label production of coffee capsules compatible with major brands, and on ESE pods, we suggest you visit the website

Coffee Production for Distributor Brands

In addition to proposing solutions for the commercialisation of coffee and its sale in private label formulas, Coind is also directly involved in this market through various projects developed by the company where it offers its own quality products to different retail sectors.

The Ho.Re.Ca channel sees the presence of two brands founded directly by the company, Meseta and Carracci, and also the historic Bolognese Attibassi brand, famous for its renowned blends, long synonymous with quality throughout the Bologna area, and its mouth-watering chocolates.

The Vending and Retail channels are covered by Meseta, which – thanks to the creation of Coind proprietary platforms EspressoTuo and Meseta Capsule System – proposes its own quality solutions both to individuals and companies.

The EspressoTuo system is dedicated to the pleasure of capsule coffee consumption in peoples’ homes, aimed at final consumers outside Italy… and is not available in Italy. The Meseta Capsule System platform, on the other hand, was created to offer quality coffee to companies that host vending machines for their employees, but is also designed for home coffee consumption using our MCS-compatible coffee machines.

Two web channels have been added to the traditional Horeca Vending and Retail channels:, dedicated to the sale of private label business products, and the website CapsuleHouse, designed for coffee capsules franchising.