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As well as its extremely important private label formula production, Coind also produces and distributes numerous premium espresso products through three of its own brands: MesetaAttibassi and Caffè Carracci.

These 3 brands offer 3 channels through which superb Coind coffee products pass directly from producer to consumers… who can find quality ground blends, capsules and pods in bars, supermarkets, automatic machines and shops.


Caffè Meseta is made from a careful selection of coffee beans from the best plantations, which then undergo a strict and meticulous series of quality controls carried out at each stage of the production process. In fact, continuous quality controls are carried out each year by the Coind group, guaranteeing Meseta coffee quality, protecting its customers and consumers, imposing far higher standards than normal.

The entire coffee production process is closely followed by expert technicians and by computerised systems that guarantee a level of process precision and quality unthinkable until a few years ago.

More than 7,000 tons of raw coffee is roasted every year by the Coind group, bearing witness to the quality achieved and the appreciation of consumers.

Backed by these credentials, the Meseta brand is well positioned to sell to all coffee business areas:

  • Ho.Re.Ca: to Ho.Re.Ca (or Horeca) clients, it offers a wide range of coffee bean products, as well as an ample variety of bar accessories: these can help bring the atmosphere of a real Italian Espresso Bar to all kinds of hotels and restoration contexts.
  • Vending: Meseta offers coffee bean products for vending machines, and ground coffee for capsules and pods for offices. So you can always enjoy the full and enveloping flavour of a good espresso, even far away from bars or from the comfort of your own home.
  • Retail: Ground coffee, in proprietary capsules and pods that are compatible with the main manufacturers’ coffee machines. Having a coffee can also be an intimate moment of meditation: why spoil your inner calm by drinking a cheap espresso?

Quality certifications are Meseta’s medals: thanks to the Coind group’s efforts, it can show off its ISO, BRC / IFS and Fairtrade certifications, and many more too. The continuous care we devote to our products, before during and after their creation, contributes to establishing an ongoing reputation, fed by customer trust and ever-reliable quality. We provide customers with a trustworthy series of products, perfect for superb Italian espresso experiences at every moment of the day, whether in your own home, at the office or in a bar.

Further information and details can be found on the brand website:


THE prestigious historical Bologna brand: Attibassi. Founded in 1918 as a small artisan confectionery shop by Agostino Atti and Marco Bassi, it immediately became renowned for three characteristic products: coffee of the highest quality, eagerly sought and savoured by the fine palates of the city of Bologna, traditional chocolates, naturally sweet companions for a strong, harmonic but slightly bitter drink, and various candies and cakes which, together with coffee, offered mouth-watering breakfasts for the city’s inhabitants.

Being a city famous for its culinary culture, the atmosphere of Bologna contributed to this name emerging and winning recognition as a synonym of quality, attracting admirers and connoisseurs from all over Italy. Over the years, the study and search for the highest quality raw materials has contributed to the company expanding to a modern industrial dimension in which experience derived from tradition is combined with latest production technologies. Attibassi continues to show its “artisan” passion for Italian espresso and traditional chocolate, but today that passion is articulated in two different ways:

  • Distribution: the company is happy to provide support and assistance to anyone interested in distributing Attibassi branded coffee, in any country, starting up their own coffee distribution concessionaire and becoming a coffee distributor.
  • Cafeteria Franchising: This is the formula, conceived by Attibassi, designed for baristas who want to offer their customers not only an exception coffee, but also a full immersive café experience. When opening a cafeteria or a local Attibassi franchise, the franchisee is given access to a rich archive of technical, design and gastronomic knowledge that the company has accumulated over the years, for use in the new cafeteria. The formula can be activated in Italy or abroad, aiming to spread a quality coffee culture.

The passion for quality focused for a century by Attibassi on the creation of its products is deeply engraved in the minds of Bologna’s inhabitants… and of all coffee connoisseurs. For more information, visit the brand’s website:

Caffè Carracci

Caffè Carracci is the name given originally by Coind to its proprietary brand for use in the Ho.Re.Ca sector: its blends are designed by the company to provide a unique experience whenever it’s time for an excellent espresso. Today, in addition to its initial vocation, Caffè Carracci is now also directly distributed to final consumers through Amazon. Each blend of the Caffè Carracci range is named after a famous Italian city, inspiring its flavours, dispensed through ground blends and capsules with a typical regional Italian taste: a multi-faceted coffee with a thousand flavours, to satisfy every palate.

Carracci is an evocative name, rooted in Italian art: the three Carracci cousins ​​were prolific Bolognese painters with varied styles, expressing variety but also a bond between tradition, modernity and Italian style.

With Caffè Carracci, Coind aims to revive – inside the coffee cup – the intensity of Ludovico’s bold lines, the quest and urge for excellence of Agostino and the union of past and present in Annibale’s powerful works. In gastronomic terms this concept has been translated into coffees that are the result of the best raw beans and finest blends, where research and perennial experiment, expertise and creative verve, are enhanced by cutting-edge production technology. An espresso of synthesis, of blended sensations and dazzled palates: unique perspectives such as only the most authentic espressos can create.

For further details, and to discover all the Carracci blends inspired by Italy’s great cities, visit